Our Work - TVC

With the capability of a total professional company filming
in kenya becomes a painless and even pleasurable experience.

Evnia - Reinvent the rules

Client: Philips
Production Company: BWGTBLD GmbH
Director: Gladia Bossi
Producer: Anastasia Konovalova

Unlock Earth Ducati - Ep. 3

Client: Ducati
Production Company: RGB FILMS
Director: Alberto Accettulli

‘Our Purpose’

Client: Maersk
Production Company: Bacon CPH
Director: Martin Werner
Producer: Charlie Gaugler

Meta ‘Amani’

Client: META
Production: Love Song Films
EP: Daniel Wolfe

Johnny Walker, Walk with Giants

Production Company: King James Films, South Africa
Producer: Katherine Jones
Creative Director: Micheal Wilson


Production Company: VCCP, United Kingdom
Director: Lee Ford
Producer: Tim Tyrrell

Mac - Behind the Mac

Production Company: Skunk, Los Angeles
Director: Andrew Dominik
Producer: Cristina Ladki

IBM 'Smart Supply Chain'

Production Company: MJZ, Los Angeles
Director: Fredrik Bond
Producer: Line Postmyr

Samsung, The Chant

Production Company: Epoch Films, United Kingdom
Director: Martin de Thurah
Producer: Anura Idupuganti

Facebook – Express Wifi Kenya Retailer

Production Company: Strike Anywhere, Los Angeles
Director: Peter Jordan
Producer: Holly Butler

Tusker, Tribe 42

Production Company: Ground Glass Productions
Director: Daniel Mace
Producer: Vjorn du Toit

Nokia, Africa Knows Fashion

Egg Films, South Africa

Tusker Malt, Taste of Legends

Production Company: Star Films, South Africa
Director: Tristan Holmes
Producer: Saskia Rosenberg

Tchibo Private Kafee

Production Company: BLM Film Produktion, Germany
Director: Lars Bushel
Producer: Gaby Koster & Andreas Haustein

Windhoek Larger - the Journey

Production: Moonlighting, South Africa
Director: Matt Bieler
Producer: Shayne Brookstein

Castle 120 years - Boys Reunion Africa

Production: Eggs Films, Capetown
Director: Sunu Gonera
Producer: Kerry Hosford

Guinness Football Scout

Production: Biscuit TV, United Kingdom
Director: Grey Gray
Producer: Helena Woodfine

Tchibo Cafe

Production: BML Film
Director: Juriaan Booij
Producer: Gaby Koester